Miranda | ADD, Anxiety, Depression

As a child, Miranda was sexually abused. She told her family in 5th grade, who then placed her in therapy with her mom’s therapist. She believes her family did the “best they could,” but assumed nobody knew what was happening inside. When in crisis, she has trouble expressing herself, and on the surface she tried to maintain that everything was fine. She also did some therapy as a teen and during her twenties for depression and anxiety, but it wasn’t until she was an adult that she was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD). During her second pregnancy her hormones felt “out of whack” and she went to the doctor where she was screened for, and diagnosed with, depression as well which was affirming for her.

Currently, she feels that her depression is no longer in charge of her, and is very self care centered. She was able to pick up reading again as self care and also enjoys running and yard work as coping mechanisms. A milestone moment for her was when she began to tell her husband that she was struggling. When in moments of struggle she now knows to take the day off. She has a hard time remembering to take her medications so she discontinued using antidepressants, but finds that supplements help treat both her depression and ADD. Using these supplements and her coping skills has allowed her to remain stable for almost 7 years.

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