Audra | OCD

While Audra’s anxiety and depression had been apparent since high school, her OCD was not diagnosed until she began having intrusive thoughts when her son was 6 months old. These thoughts were often harmful, but her doctor assured her that people with OCD never act on those types of intrusive thoughts, which came as a relief for her. People with OCD often channel their anxiety into obsessive behaviors. For example, one way her OCD presents itself is through obsessive skin picking, often using tweezers to pick at her legs.

She also struggles with getting songs stuck in her head on an endless loop when she’s under significant stress. These songs will wake her up in the middle of the night, and will drone on for what feels like ages. Unlike what some might assume about someone who struggles with OCD, Audra is not a clean freak. She maintains a tidy and organized space at her office, but struggles to do the same at home. At home she often shuts down from the world, or becomes hyper-focused on different activities such as crafts like arranging silk flowers and scrapbooking. She has been in consistent therapy for the last 11 years, however constantly worries about her children and has a hard time handling change, but strives to do her best to manage her symptoms and thoughts.

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