How I Experience Anxiety

When anxiety hits it can be felt in many different ways. Usually it begins with my heart starting to race. Then my chest tightens almost as if someone was squeezing my lungs which making me unable to breathe, the combination becomes quiet distressful. While my body reacts to the trigger my mind begins to race, my vision begins to darken, and the fight or flight response kicks while I look for a way out. As all of this happens my throat begins to close and tighten, my head begins to pound. It can take 15 or more minutes for my body to return to normal once the literal or figurative danger has passed. It's amazing how something like as common as getting cut off while driving can set off this response in me, and in someone else wouldn't trigger any response at all. Panic attacks always seem near- the anxiety always lingering, my heart is quick to race. I find myself exhausted by existing because it takes so much energy to be this anxious all the time. I imagine this constant stress on my heart will cause it to someday give out, but for now I must keep breathing my way through these natural reactions and thank my medication for giving me some sort of relief.

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