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At a young age I realized that I loved photography.  It began with disposable cameras and film cameras that I was given at birthdays and on holidays, and progressed by my teen years into digital cameras I worked hard to purchase.  I was always taking pictures of my friends, and my love of portraiture became clear when I was in high school.  I began taking self portraits that depicted many things- from my struggles with my mental health, to more creative endeavors. When I was 16 years old I started taking family portraits at a local studio and spent the years following being a freelance photographer, photographing many families.  For a few years I stopped taking photographs altogether, I was burnt out from many years of high speed photography and needed a break.  It wasn't until we had a house fire at the beginning of 2020 and I lost most of my lifelong collection of photographs that I truly realized how important it was to not only print and enjoy your images, but to protect them digitally as well.  Images are meant to be enjoyed and shared, both in our homes and online. Since beginning my professional journey, I’ve worked on many different types of projects that have expanded my experience in different environments and subjects, and added to my portfolio. Take a moment to explore my work, and contact me with any questions.

Stories of Struggle and Survival

Tipping The Tightrope is a mental health portrait project that focuses on sharing images and stories of those who struggle with mental illness. These images are meant to bring a better understanding of mental health conditions, and bringing awareness to the strength it takes to survive when fighting the battles in your brain.

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